This March 722 started out as a Formula 2 race car with the monocoque number AM 72-12 which we believe means that this single seater was a very early 722. It was then converted to a Hill Climb car, The 2 driver / car builders were engineers for British Leyland at the time and used their expertise and contacts to fit an A series engine with some special motorsport parts and modifications, one of the mods they did to the engine was to turbocharge it, this was before the days of the MG Metro Turbo, and one can't help wonder if this helped the development of the 1275 turbo engine used in the Metro Turbo? In fact there are letters between British leyland's 'Special Tuning' department and the drivers detailing recommended modifications and parts to be used, its also apparent that British Leyland picked up some of the bills by way of sponsorship of the car judging by the invoices to the 'Sales and Promotions' department of British Leyland. 

Season reports from the drivers to BL show that the car performed well at Shelsey Walsh on various occasions. AM72 -12 has been laid up for  many years and came to us with a healthy coating of dust, but it does appear to be complete apart from a fuel tank and a couple of rubber pipes missing. Obviously this is still somewhat of a project that needs some time and fettling spent to get it back to competitive use, but it would be a fairly simple project and prove to be very worthwhile indeed. 

March 722 Formula 2 Race Car

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    March 722 formula 2 race car

    Later converted to hill climb

    Highly modified A series engine

    Restoration project